INPS Green Façade

INPS Green Façade is a pilot project built in the city Genoa (Italy) in 2014 on the south wall of a four stories office building built early in the last century and renovated in the 1980’s, owned by INPS (National Institute of Social Insurance).

The monitoring activities focused on: air quality monitoring (considering the fine dusts collecting capacity of four different plant species), sociological investigation, and real estate surveys, and energy performance monitoring. The research results deriving from the monitoring activities are used to quantify the environmental impact for the entire life of the green facade in relation to the obtainable environmental and microclimatic benefits, through a life cycle assessment and the economic sustainability, thanks to a cost benefit analysis.


Photo by Anna Positano


cba_fabio 01

Monitoring activities scheme (Rosasco and Perini 2018)



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